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IPsec tunnel through a PPTP connection

I have a wireless Internet connection using a line-of-site antenna from my house to my ISP's antenna up on a hill....

They use a PPTP VPN for their security. Is it possible for me to establish a VPN tunnel to my work that goes through the VPN tunnel to my ISP? So far I was able to make a connection into my work, but then connection crashes before data can make it back to me. You should be able to establish an IPsec tunnel through a PPTP connection. I'm assuming that ISP is assigning you a world-routable address and that your VPN gateway is also accessible. If not, there may be some routing issues that are causing the traffic not to return. Alternatively, PPTP is notoriously slow and may be causing timeouts for your IPSec VPN. If that's the case, your may need to extend the timeout interval. Hope this is helpful, Mark

This was last published in March 2003

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