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IP address configuration to connect Layer 3 switches to ports

Our routing and switching expert explains the IP address configuration needed to connect a Layer 3 (L3) switch to a port, in this response.

I need to know when you connect a Layer 3 switch like a 3750/3650 to 2950 through GBIC/1000 Gbps port, do you configure the IP address to the link in 2950 and 3750 switches? Is it similar to a 2950 connection to a router?
You can perform both those options. If your L3 switch is doing routing, you would configure the port as you would for a router; if it's a simple trunk port, you need to configure it as a trunk port. It depends upon the scenario you would be using, but if you can give me more details on the problem/scenario you are working on, I can guide you through the configuration.
This was last published in April 2008

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when we connect a Layer 3 switche, we usually use trunk port in all sides,or if you can use "no switch port" to make your port to be three layer port .I have the configure file and topology about this,if you want it ,you can contact me:dong@3anetwork.com.