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IP address configuration to connect Layer 3 switches to ports

Our routing and switching expert explains the IP address configuration needed to connect a Layer 3 (L3) switch to a port, in this response.

I need to know when you connect a Layer 3 switch like a 3750/3650 to 2950 through GBIC/1000 Gbps port, do you configure the IP address to the link in 2950 and 3750 switches? Is it similar to a 2950 connection to a router?
You can perform both those options. If your L3 switch is doing routing, you would configure the port as you would for a router; if it's a simple trunk port, you need to configure it as a trunk port. It depends upon the scenario you would be using, but if you can give me more details on the problem/scenario you are working on, I can guide you through the configuration.
This was last published in April 2008

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