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Hi Ed,
I am studying for my CCNA Exam and I have a Cisco 2501 router with 1 MB of memory and IOS version 9. I would like to know if it is possible to copy the IOS version 10.3 from another router onto my router? My router is an Ethernet router while the other one with IOS version 10.3 is Token Ring.
Dear Everton:
According to my friend, colleague and co-author, James Michael Stewart - who took 640-607 two weeks after it was released - the IOS versions are protocol and networking technology specific, so moving the IOS from an Ethernet router to a Token Ring router is only possible if that IOS version supports both.

Moving IOS from one router to another is possible (by using TFTP or duplicating the flash memory cards), but you should purchase a separate IOS license from Cisco. You should already have an IOS for the router, it was included as part of the purchase. For more details on this, see the IOS documentation on the Cisco Web site.

This was last published in August 2002

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