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I would like to link to facilities together that are connected by fiber. Each site has an independen

I would like to link to facilities together that are connected by fiber. Each site has an independent Ethernet network. I want to have the remote site access my AS400 and have selected users at the primary site access the remote AS400. What equipment would you suggest? I have a 3508 located at the main site, and a 2503 router.
I understand that physical connectivity is already in place and both sides have an existing Ethernet network. You already have a switch and a router. You would need a second pair also. But I would suggest not to go for a similar switch, go for one which is more realistic to you demands and serves you purpose better. If both the sites are nearby that they can be connected with any service provider than a Layer three switch would be a better choice. With this you would be able to configure both sites to access each other's resources.

Now for limited access to AS400 if you have very few users, which you can manage yourself, you can do it on router itself with access list. Put all those users in one subnet and use an extended access-list to provide them the access. If the number is high I would suggest using an access server and configuring it to authenticate users before accessing As400.

This was last published in October 2003

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