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I want to separate voice traffic in a different VLAN -- should I configure the Catalyst port as a tr

I have a LAN segmented via VLANs with Cisco switches; we also have IP telephony but it is Avaya. The Avaya Cajun is connected with a crossover cable to my Catalyst 3550, The PC is connected to the phone, and the phone connected to the Cajun. In this case, voice and data are on the same VLAN, but I want to separate voice in a different VLAN.

I have a little clue maybe configuring the Catalyst port as a trunk, but I'm stuck.

Cisco 3550 Layer 3 switch has an option to enable voice VLAN. This is a special VLAN for voice traffic. If you enable this feature, and configure QoS on your 3550 switch, then you can get preferential treatment for your voice traffic. For details and configuration examples you can visit Cisco's website.
This was last published in February 2004

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