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I need to find a CCNA self study guide. What would you suggest?

I need to find a CCNA self study guide. What would you suggest?
If you visit an online bookstore like Amazon, you can search their holdings and rank them by reader review. I just jumped to Amazon and learned that although their list shows 107 titles in response to my query, over half the listings are out of date. So make sure your selections match the most recent Cisco CCNA exam numbers (and moreover, that they match the exam(s) you plan to take):

  • Single exam CCNA: 640-801
  • Two-exam CCNA sequence: 640-811 ICND and 640-821 INTRO

    Of the items you'll find there, only a handful apply to the newest exams (just released this summer). Of these, I'd strongly recommend: Cisco Press: CCNA Certification Library (CCNA Self-Study, exam #640-801),Sixth Edition by Wendell Odom (Author)

    You'll also find titles from Cisco Press for 640-811 and 640-821, if your course is teaching to those two exams instead. They're equally worthwhile, entirely comparable to their 640-801 stuff.

  • This was last published in October 2003

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