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I need to connect a printer through the print server to a serial port on a Digiboard in order to ena

I have an Ethernet network, which utilizes two Digiboards to establish serial connections through the network....

I need help in serial printing. I have a HP 2230 printer with a JetDirect 615n internal Print Server. I need to connect this printer through the print server to a serial port on the Digiboard in order to enable UnixWare printing to a specific location on the network. Can this be done? How do you configure such a connection? I am new to networks, TCP/IP, bootp, etc. so I really do not know how to make this work. Since I've never worked on a setup similar to the one you have described, I won't be able to give you direct answers. However, don't loose hope as there are alternatives!

I would advise you to visit the popular HP forum where you can place your question and receive an answer from one of HP's engineers or experts: http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/

The site does require you to signup for a membership, which is free.

This was last published in October 2003

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