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I need help accessing my office PC from my home machine.

I have a US Robotics modem/router model 9003 sureconnect. I want to setup PCAnywhere and another software called VNC (from realvnc.com) which enables me to access my office computer from home. The ports I need to open are: 5800 & 5900 for VNC and 5631 & 5632 for PCAnywhere. The configuration of the router is a nightmare and US Robotics help desk is even worse. Please help.
Just paste this on your router and it should work.

Access-list 101 permit ip any any 5800
Access-list 101 permit ip any any 5900
Access-list 101 permit ip any any 5631
Access-list 101 permit ip any any 5632

On the interface:

Ip access-group 101 in

This was last published in August 2004

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