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I need assistance with IPX addressing. Can you help?

I have two Danube routers. I need communication IPX between both via FFR (frame relay) protocol WAN. What commands do I need to include? Do I need MAC address of the routers in the commands?
Yes, you will need MAC address of the interfaces as it forms an integral part in IPX addressing. You need to do the following on both the routers. This shows how to send packets destined for IPX address 200.0000.0c00.7b21 out on DLCI 101. Similar types of commands need to be done on other routers. IPX routes need to be advertised in IPX routing process.

ipx routing 000.0c00.abcd -- enables IPX routing.
interface ethernet 0 -- go to the interface
ipx network 2abc -- IPX address of Ethernet interface
interface serial 0
ipx network 200 -- IPX address of serial interface
encapsulation frame-relay -- enable FR
frame-relay map ipx 200.0000.0c00.abcd 101 broadcast -- packets destined for 0000.0c00.abcd
are sent out on DLCI 101.

This was last published in August 2004

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