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I need a backup redundant line to kick in when the first fails -- how would I do this?

I have two Internet lines with Sonicwall firewalls. I need one line to provide connectivity to a few servers, and the other to serve as a backup in case the primary fails. I don't think we need any type of load balancing; just need the backup redundant line to kick in when the first fails. Would I be able to accomplish this with a couple Cisco switches I have lying around? Maybe implement some kind of trunking? How would I do this?
I do not think that you can implement this type of configuration using switches. The best way to implement it is to use two Cisco routers. You can then configure HSRP on them to make one of them as primary and the other one secondary. You can configure a static default route in your internal router pointing to the HSRP IP address of these routers.
This was last published in January 2004

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i want to make MNS iS system redundant using two mlinks ,plz help me by giving some ideas , i am confused in wiring of these two mlinks.