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I just purchased a Cisco 2611 router and I'd like to know if it's possible to configure FE1 as a DHC

I just purchased a Cisco 2611 router and I'd like to know if it's possible to configure FE1 as a DHCP-enabled PPPoE client? I have wireless internet, so no DSL modems, land-line phone connections, etc., are necessary. All that's here is a standard Cat 5 Ethernet cord coming in from the power-injector of the outside antenna. I'd like to just plug that into FE1, let the router handle the authentication for the connection, and have it run NAT for IP distribution around the computers on my internal network. Plausible?
It is doable. But I am failing to understand use of PPPoE. PPPoE allows a PPP session to be initiated on a simple bridging Ethernet connected client. The session is transported over the ATM link via encapsulated Ethernet-bridged frames. The session can be terminated at either a local exchange carrier central office or an internet service provider (ISP) point of presence. The termination device is normally an Access Concentrator. To enable it either you need to configure Easy VPN of Cisco or dial-up VPN.

What I would suggest is you configure FE as DHCP server so that it gives IPs to clients in your internal network. Use PAT or NAT. and direct all traffic from internal network to radio interface. That should be enough for your purpose. Authentication etc will be done by the router itself.

This was last published in November 2005

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