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I have a Trojan called blazer 5 listening to port 5000! Is there anyway I can track down this Troja

I used unvP'n'P unplugger to disable the port! I have formatted the HD but it still appears! And is there anyway I can reinstall XP to have the original Svchost.exe's maybe this will get rid of blazer 5 (socket de troie) and is there anyway I can format my pc without having to put xp pro in to do it! I have tried partition magic 7 but blazer seemed to have returned when I reinstalled XP pro! Also I'm trying Trojan guarder 2.98 and it shows what ports are being used and it say's blah1.1 is listening to TCP:1042 how can I track this down I couldn't find it in the registry to clean it! + other Trojans appear and disappear!

I thought Trojans are always active until disabled! I have scanned with allsorts of AV scanners and Trojan scanners! I need help desperately!
If you formatted you drive and reinstalled that should have taken care of the Trojan. Are you sure you did not some how reinstall it? Trojans can be packaged up with other programs so that you may unknowingly install them. An example of this was the "whack-a-mole" program.

Before reformatting and reinstalling the OS again you should first try to remove the program.

  1. Kill these processes blazer5.exe, control.exe, and port5000.exe
  2. Remove these files blazer5.exe, readme.txt, control.exe, and port5000.exe.
  3. Finally update your virus protection software as this will help prevent future incidents.
This was last published in October 2003

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