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I have a D-Link 514 wireless router with LAN ports. My connection is extremely slow - is there any t

I have a D-Link 514 wireless router with LAN ports. My connection is extremely slow - is there any thing I can do to speed it up?
Your router has 10/100 LAN ports which can provide higher effective throughput than 802.11b wireless. Check the Properties of the LAN adapter on your desktop. If you have a 10BaseT adapter, it should be using 10 Mbps full-duplex. If you have a 10/100 adapter, you can either auto-negotiate link speed and duplex mode, or set the adapter to always use 100 Mbps full duplex. Use a command window to enter "netstat -e" and look at Ethernet errors and discards. Try this several times when you're having trouble to see whether you're experiencing a lot of errors. If so, try using another Cat5 Ethernet cable, because the cable or connectors on either end could be damaged.

If the LAN is working fine, then the problem may be with your desktop itself, applications, or configuration. For example, if your browser is really slow, try emptying your browser cache or giving your browser a larger cache size (I.E., using IE's Internet Properties panel, click Temporary Internet Files/Settings to adjust disk space). There are a multitude of reasons that applications perform poorly, so what you need to do is narrow your search by isolating which applications behave badly, whether there's a particular time of day that it happens, what you're doing right before it happens, etc.

If all applications behave badly all the time, then you may be looking for a TCP/IP problem, and you should search the knowledge base for your desktop's operating system to see if there are known bugs and patches - for example, there's a patch for Windows XP Home that fixes a fragmentation problem. If just one application is behaving badly, then look at that application's support page and knowledge base for further hints. You might also compare the same application running on your wireless laptop and your wired desktop to see if there are differences in configuration. Finally, try browsing around a PC tune-up Web site like PC Pitstop to find more tips. Good luck!

This was last published in February 2004

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