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I currently work with Nortel digital PBXs and I would like to know what certification should I pursu

I am a diploma holder in electronics and communications. Presently, I am working for a company that deals with Nortel digital PBXs. What certification should I pursue, specifically to get an overseas employment?
Given that you work in a Nortel environment, you should probably begin by checking into their certification program and related offerings. You'll find their program described and explained at http://app97.nortelnetworks.com/cgi-bin/teds/cs/maintc.jsp?level=0&category=12&subcategory. PBX coverage, depending on platform, is pretty pervasive in their program, simply because PBXs and related technologies still represent such a substantial portion of their business. Assuming this kind of thing is of interest to you, you should probably find opportunities in most of the developed countries as a Nortel professional, simply because Nortel has a large international presence worldwide. I don't see as many opportunities for Nortel specialists, on average, as for truly high-demand areas like IT audit and information security, but opportunities are there and they are reasonably numerous.
This was last published in February 2005

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