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I can share an Internet connection but not files. Can you help?

I have a D-link DI-604 router. My cable modem is connected to the router. My two PC's (one with win XP home - the other with win XP Pro) are connected to the router. Both can access the Internet but cannot share files. I have both PC's NICs configured on TCP/IP, I click on the share files and printers option on the nics options, I have allowed some folders on both PC's to share, and I can even see one of the PC's folder one the other, but when I click on the folder I cannot view what's in it, it tells me that the network is not available contact the administrator (that's me!) Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Your problem is a bit weird as it seems like your network connectivity between the two workstations is properly configured, but at the same time producing an error telling you that 'the network is not available.'

Because listing all the possible causes that might be cause of your problem would take a few pages, I would point you to http://www.wown.com/j_helmig/winxppro.htm and http://www.wown.com/j_helmig/winxphom.htm where you can find articles with screenshots that cover the process of sharing files between the two operating systems.

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My guess is that your problem is related to the restricted access that is given to the shared folders since you are able to 'see' them but not access them, and since I'm not aware of your setup, it would be easier and faster to read a few articles that will help you come to the correct conclusion.

This was last published in August 2003

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