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I am interested in becoming a small ISP - Can I accomplish this with a Cisco 2500?

I am interested in becoming a small ISP. I have access to an extensive fiber system. Can I accomplish this with a Cisco 2500, and what would a basic router set up look like? Right now I just need to be able to route from an internal private IP to an external class c.
For being an ISP you need to have an authentication server, means to transport data to Internet Backbone and mode to have customers dial into or connect to your network.

With a single 2500 and fibers would not accomplish that. 2500 is a low-end router, which has gone end of sale. So I doubt if you will get enough cards and module for that.

You can do NAT on the router to convert private IPs to the public IP you have got. Also on the router you need to make a username-password database and also need to define logical interface where users will land when they dial in.

But again, 2500 is not meant for ISPs so think before whatever you do.
Best of luck.

This was last published in July 2003

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