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I am in the process of setting up redundant 7200 border routers. Do you have a programming recommen

I am in the process of setting up redundant 7200 border routers. I will be using HSRP on both the outside and inside interfaces. I have been able to get fail-over if I lose an entire router, but not if I lose a link (either inside or outside) because a fast Ethernet interface doesn't actually go down. Do you have a programming recommendation on how to have resilience with HSRP at the link level?
There are some methods where you can do a fail over of the link also but first and foremost is having a second link itself. Having said that you can try a floating static route or can configure a dynamic routing protocol or simply track one interface from the other so that as soon as tracked interface goes down the tracking interface can take the load.

Moreover HSRP is not meant for links, you have to use any of the above methods if you have a second link. You can find the commands to configure these in any of the Cisco documentation. Let us know if you have any difficulty doing that.

This was last published in February 2004

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