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I am having problems with my remote network.

A remote network (A) has a lease line as primary link and the backup is a VSAT. The router used is Cisco 2611. The VSAT is connected to the eth0/1. I have added a static route (server IP) eth0/1 on the remote router (A). The VSAT transmission lands on another (specific) router (B) at the hub site.

If both the links are functional (i.e. the lease line and the VSAT), the route taken for the server would be through the VSAT (since this route has been put in as a static route). How would the return communication take place? Can you tell me where I am making the mistake or did I get the concept wrong?

It depends upon the configuration of the router (B). If the routing table has a route for the server IP through leased line, it will take that route. Otherwise it will go through the VSAT link. Even if both the routes are in routing table, routing decision is based on administrative distance, metrics, length of subnet mask. Check your routing table. Add a static route on the other router for return path if you want a specific path to be taken.
This was last published in August 2004

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