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I am having issues with the IKE communication between the two Cisco VPN concentrators.

I have two Cisco VPN 3005 to VPN 3005 concentrators, which are configured to use the LAN-to-LAN configuration. I am having issues with the IKE communication between the two devices. It will work if I enable network autodiscovery on both sides. It will not work when I disable routing and use a network list. I cannot even see if the devices are attempting communication at all in the live event logs. I only see traffic if I enable network autodiscovery even if it is only on one side. Please help.
Cisco's private network autodiscovery is an alternative routing method for LAN-to-LAN configurations. To use autodiscovery, inbound RIPv2/v1 must be enabled on eth1. Here are some Cisco troubleshooting documents that might help:

  • Configuring LAN-to-LAN Network AutoDiscovery
  • Verify/Test LAN-to-LAN Network AutoDiscovery
  • Configuring NAT over LAN-to-LAN between Cisco 3000 series VPN concentrators

    You may also want to put a LAN analyzer on the Ethernet between your VPN concentrators. If you don't have a LAN analyzer, try downloading Ethereal. You won't be able to see what's inside IKE, but you'll be able to see if IKE or any other packets are being exchanged.

  • This was last published in March 2005

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