How would I go about configuring a switch or something to provide redundancy?

I have two internet backbone connections, each connected to its own firewall. Only one connection is needed at a time (however, using both is fine if it's easy to configure). How would I go about configuring a switch or something to provide this redundancy? I have some extra switches to spare. I tried looking into trunking, and am not sure how to configure it. I also looked into spanning tree, and I know it prevents loops, but I'm not sure if it works for this.
What you can do is to segregate your traffic into two pools by using access-list or by some other method whatever is fit for you. You can do this segregation based on IP address as well as based on application. Now creating route maps you can direct your one type of traffic to one ISP and other type of traffic to other ISP. In case of failure of the link other link can be used for all of the traffic. This type of load-balancing and redundancy is quite easy to build using access-list, route-map and static routes.
This was last published in May 2004

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