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How to use IPv6 on an IPv4 backbone

Learn how to use IPv6 on an IPv4 backbone without dual stacking in this expert response from Silvia Hagen.

What's the configuration I need in order to use IPv6 on a Linux machine that has an IPv4 backbone? Specifically I'm interested in the server configuration, so that users can access the internet with an IPv6 address without using the dual stack method.
Generally if you want to run IPv6 over IPv4, you can use a tunneling mechanism such as 6to4. They are all described in detail in my book " IPv6 Essentials," published by O'Reilly.

If you are looking for information on how to configure IPv6 on different operating systems, I can recommend the book "IPv6 Network Administration," written by Niall Richard Murphy and David Malone, also from O'Reilly.

This was last published in July 2008

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