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How to decide between CCNA course studies at different universities

David Minutella talks about what you need to look for when choosing a school to take your CCNA course study, in this expert response.

I have contacted a few universities and private institutes about getting a CCNA and found that the university's course duration is six hours a week for ten months while private institutes take just three hours a week for two to three months. Through the university, four modules must be passed by students, while the private institute is different. Can you please tell me which one is more beneficial to go to?
That's an excellent query and one I hold very dear to me. Cisco courses will ultimately differ wherever you look due to the institution's semesters, course marketability, etc. What I would do if I were in your shoes is thoroughly do a compare and contrast of the topics covered in each of the courses and make sure they align with Cisco's CCNA test objectives.

Also, research and make sure that the private institute does not presuppose that you prepare ahead of time with self-study or whatnot because those are not beneficial to you since you are just starting out. Finally, I would definitely scrutinize each offering on the level and means of interaction you get with the Cisco equipment. Some institutes bring in a rack of the equipment that the students are able to configure, some have you remotely access the equipment, and others give you simulation software. I would try to ensure that you shoot for the first option if not the second for I really feel the more hands on time you get with the equipment, the more the concepts that you covered in the courses would gel.

Good luck, and make sure you do all your homework (before and during the course).

This was last published in March 2007

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