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How to compare Cisco vs. HP switches

There's been a lot of talk recently about Cisco vs. HP switches. Read this comparison to help you choose the best networking switch.

I'm evaluating Cisco switches vs. HP ProCurve switches. What are the major things to consider?

For networking professionals comparing switches from different vendors, there are a wide variety of different switches available, and various things to consider, depending on the business size, budget and requirements. Two of the biggest switch vendors are Cisco and HP, both of which offer wide lines of networking switches. There's been a good deal of discussion about the suitability of Cisco switches vs. HP switches for office environments.

Experts say that the HP ProCurve switches directly compete with Cisco's networking switches, and that there's friction between the two companies, which once had a long and productive partnership.

On BradReese.com, find analysis and information about various different switch options, including a Tolly Group comparison of HP ProCurve vs. Cisco TCO, and more.

The Tolly Group’s website has a variety of independent research reports on comparing switches, including those from HP switches and Cisco switches.

Blogger and networking guru Jason Abrahamson said ProCurve’s features may not stack up against Cisco’s, but any compromises were well worth the greatly reduced price tag.

On ITKnowledgeExchange, member Yasirirfan suggests Cisco is the way to go for a large business. According to Yasirirfan, who has worked with switches from a variety of vendors, Cisco is the clear leader for the enterprise. HP switches can be sufficient for a simple set up at a small business if price is the major deciding factor in the evaluation process.

And TechTarget reporter Shamus McGillicuddy reported that Cisco might be willing to negotiate when it comes to switch pricing to compete with HP ProCurve.

Compare Cisco and HP switch features

Cisco Campus LAN switches vs. HP Campus LAN switches
Cisco campus core and distribution switches

Campus access switches
  HP Campus LAN core/distribution switches

HP campus/branch LAN switches
Cisco data center switches vs. HP data center switches
Cisco data center switches   HP data center switches
Cisco network virtualization switching vs. HP network virtualization switching
Cisco virtual networking   HP network virtualization

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Oh! At last I find what I seek for last week!!!
Nope, not a biased view at all...</sarcasm>
I don't see this as biased at all, seeing as it's compiled from a number of different viewpoints. It seems to me that the choice comes down to ROI - Cisco's going to cost more, but it may ultimately deliver more depending on your network needs.
Perhaps "AnonyousUser" objects to the suggestion of BradReese.com as a resource. Many of his blogs about Cisco are pretty inflammatory.
What do you mean by : "simple set up at a small business", this is not objective analysis. HP has nowadays becomes a clear leader in DC switch Portfolio and has much more to offer than a simple set up...