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How to build a database server farm using different topologies

Learn how to build a database server farm using different topologies, from network fundamentals expert Chris Partsenidis.

I want to build a server farm for the database server using different topologies. My aim is for the network to operate reliably and quickly yet to be able to connect to other devices. How can I do this?

Dear Taoheed,

Building a reliable network requires proper planning and design. Database server farms usually require a number of high-end servers connected through a high-speed backbone (1 Gbps and above) and equipment that is able to guarantee proper priority for the database packets transiting through the backbone and overall network.

High-end switches such as the Catalyst series (3750, 4503, 4507R and 6500) are great candidates for such designs, and depending on your needs and budget, you can achieve 100% network redundancy in case switches such as the 4500 series and above are used.

Because database server farms are highly dependable on the setup their vendor suggests or requires, you can use that as a guideline and then implement your high-speed network section using Cisco equipment.

Good luck!

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This was last published in August 2007

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