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How should I prepare for the CCIE in VoIP? Is it possible to get financial aid?

How should I prepare for the CCIE in VoIP? Is it possible to get financial aid?
Preparing for the CCIE in any track requires a great deal of dedication and plenty of time. Depending on your experience with Cisco IP telephony products, I recommend starting off with one (or several) of the specialization tracks to get your feet wet. Unfortunately, the CCIE VoIP track does not have a single source for self-study materials, but the Cisco's web site has a plethora of articles and information. The best course of action is to look at the Cisco blueprint for the CCIE Voice and determine what topics you are strong and weak on. Once you discover what topics you need to improve on, you can search Cisco's web for any articles on those topics, buy a Cisco Press book, and/or attend a Cisco VoIP course that covers those subjects.

As far as finance companies, we use two particular companies for student loans. Sallie Mae's career training loan and Keybank's CareerLoan both help achieve student's education goals through their student loan division. Each loan provider offers competitive interest rates, low monthly payments and fast approval.

This was last published in January 2005

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