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How many Win2k dc's for 1500+ users?

How many win2k dc's do you recommend in a 1500+ user environment if the servers are Pentium III 700's. Also what do you recommend for time sync throughout the domain.
More information about your network would be needed to make an accurate estimate about the number of controllers needed. Some of the factors you?ll need to consider includes: the number of users active during peak hours, average number of groups per user, and the total additional objects to be published. There is a great tool called active directory sizer which can help you determine the proper configuration.

Windows 2000 time service is based on RFC 1769, the simple network time protocol. You should try to comply as closely as possible with the recommendations made in the RFC. Your Active Directory DCs should synchronize their clocks from a reliable NTP server located close by. One reason synchronization is so important to Active Directory is because services such as Kerberos uses a time stamp as part of the authentication ticket generation process.

This was last published in December 2002

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