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How long after passing the CCNA do I have to take the CCSP and subsequent Cisco certs?

I just passed my CCNA a week ago and I plan to do the CCSP sometime in the future. I know that my CCNA is valid for three years. Now if I take the SECUR and CSVPN, I realize I would qualify as a VPN Specialist. But let's say I take one of the exams in October and pass it, when (subsequently) do I need to take the last exam (of CCSP)? Do I need to take all the exams within three years of passing the CCNA?
First of all, congratulations on passing your CCNA. To answer your question, as soon as you pass any of the CCSP exams (or any 642-XXX exam), you are automatically recertified in CCNA. Thus, once you take your SECUR or CSVPN and pass it, you have three years from THAT point to take another CCSP exam. Once you pass that exam, you have extended it yet again for another three years, etc.
This was last published in July 2005

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