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How is it that I can see an embedded Web server from my laptop when using just a normal CAT 5 cable

How is it that I can see an embedded Web server from my laptop when using just a normal CAT 5 cable from my laptop to the device, with no router, switch, hub, or crossover cable?
In order for two devices to communicate using a CAT 5 cable, it is required the cable is a crossover unless one of the two devices is auto-MDI/MDI-X capable, in otherwords – automatically performs the crossover function. From your description, I believe this is the case for the device you are attaching to.

Most of today's devices are auto-MDI/MDI-X capable and will work with or without a crossover cable. Obviously the...

cost for such a function these days is minimal and the manual factors have decided to include it without hesitation!

However, I must point that knowing how to create a crossover cable is very important, because not all devices will support auto-mdi/MDI-X. If you wish to view schematics and examples of such configurations, please visit www.firewall.cx/cabling_xover.php.

This was last published in May 2005

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