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How important is IPv6 readiness to the cloud?

When it comes to cloud infrastructure, should providers include IPv6 readiness when designing their infrastructure strategies? Is OpenStack needed for an IPv6 deployment? Expert Ciprian Popoviciu explains.

Do cloud infrastructure and IPv6 readiness go hand in hand for service providers, and do they need carrier-grade OpenStack?

Cloud deployment and IPv6 deployment have rarely been approached together within a comprehensive infrastructure strategy. This is unfortunate because of the missed opportunity to drive new capabilities based on the specific features of IPv6. As a result, service providers may lose out on the chance to build cleaner, more scalable infrastructures, and overall, be unable to take advantage of the possibilities offered by their relatively greenfield cloud deployments to "do it right" from day one.

Approaching cloud and IPv6 together makes perfect sense from an execution perspective, as the two can leverage each other’s steps along the way to lead to a more optimal implementation. It is only now that service providers are starting to look at their cloud deployments in terms of IPv6 readiness. They have come to realize that OpenStack, the cloud automation of choice for most service providers, is not IPv6-ready and the number of people knowledgeable enough to make it work is very limited.

For service providers, IT is core to their business, so they developed a good sense of how to optimally orchestrate and deliver services. They understand that it is not just about the cool technologies -- it’s also about operating them. Most providers are committing to OpenStack to automate their clouds, and as their lab evaluations are ending, they are looking to the scale and operability needed for provider environments. The process of creating carrier-grade OpenStack solutions is slowly starting to take off. Like all service provider solutions, it will see many variations among different providers.

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