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How does one create an ACI per IP address and add as many "traffic-shape" statements as there are us

I want to offer DSL-like service for a few users using a 2621 Cisco router via PPPoE. Users get a dynamic IP address from a Radius pool. Two types of users are created (128kbps and 256kbps). I want to shape output (upload) traffic at these rates for each user. When I declare two ACI's for both 128 and 256 pools and attach "traffic-shape group 110 average 128" (resp.256) to the WAN interface, two 256 users cannot upload simultaneously at 256kbps. Seems like all output is being shaped at 256 for the whole subnet. The other idea is to create an ACI per IP address and add as many "traffic-shape" statements as there are users. This is very difficult to manage. Is there a way to specify a group of IP addresses to be shaped at a certain rate?
You can do that with policy routing. You need to create service classes for the users based on ACI and call them in class map. These maps can be applied to service policy on the interface. These terms might confuse you, but basically you need to classify, prioritize traffic and apply on the interface.
This was last published in August 2004

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