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How do you replace a legacy PBX with IPPBX such as MX250 in a call center?

Our call center has IVR and a legacy PBX system. How do you replace a legacy PBX with IPPBX such as MX250? How should I connect the system back to IVR and how will the new call flow be?
It is likely that the legacy PBX system is connected to the IVR using analog, BRI, or PCM with the following configuration:

PSTN <-- > Legacy PBX <-- > IVR

An IP PBX such as the MX250 also supports these interfaces which can be used to connect to the IVR system and to the PSTN. You should be able to put the MX250 in place of the legacy PBX as follows:

PSTN <-- > MX250 <-- > IVR

With this configuration, the new call flow will be the same as it was before. If the call center is also planning to update their IVR, it is best that they choose one that supports VoiceXML and the VoIP protocol SIP. One such IVR is that from Vocomo Software.

This was last published in January 2005

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