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How do you find the load on Cisco routers?

How do you find the load on Cisco routers? If the router is heavy load, how do you share it?
The best way to find load on a Cisco router is to use a tool which can tell you how much is utilized. If you don't have a tool you can use, commands on the router, like "show cpu" & "show memory" can help you find out how much CPU is utilized and how much is memory free. Moreover, a periodic visit to interface statistics will give you an idea about the traffic that is on the links.

To lessen the load on CPU you need to remove unnecessary processes or you can add some more memory. For traffic, you can segment the traffic and increase the bandwidth if it is continuously more than 65%, historically. Moreover, you can have one more router and share the traffic between the two, if costs permit.

This was last published in September 2004

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