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How do I switch from Telecom to Global System for Mobile communication (GSM)?

Learn how to start a Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) career with your Telecom experience, in this expert response from our training and certification expert, Ed Tittel.

Dear Sir,

I have chosen a telecomm switching career and I have been working for one year (with Avaya and Cisco). I am a BE graduate in Telecom and now I want to move in to Global System for Mobile communication (GSM). What would be the best way for me to accomplish this?

Dear Sir or Madam:

Your best bets are either to pursue an advanced engineering degree with a specialization in GSM, or to go to work for a vendor that designs, builds, and/or installs GSM systems. Indeed there are a few minor GSM certifications (for example ExperRating) but this is probably too technical a subject matter to penetrate without more academic training and research or going to work for a GSM vendor.

Thanks for asking. Good luck with your career planning.


This was last published in August 2007

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