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How do I protect servers from each other's environments?

Learn how to protect networks from each other's environments in this Q&A with routing and switching expert Sudhanshu Gupta.

I have two separate networks. One uses a SMC6224m switch and an ADSL router for Internet access. The other uses a SMC6726AL2 switch with no Internet access. I would like to grant Internet access to the network users on SMC6726AL2 via the DSL router on SMC6224M but protect the servers on each network from each other's environment. Is this possible?


You need to connect both the switches through cross cables or through another switch, if they are within 100 m of each other. This switch should be intelligent enough to understand different IP subnets. If it is, you can create VLANs to make this happen. You can use access lists to allow only specific subnets to access the servers. But for all of these, first check the distance between the two networks and let me know if your switches support and understand access-lists and subnets. I can guide you with further steps.

Hope this helps.

This was last published in July 2007

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