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How do I properly use CompTIA's acronyms?

I am currently certified as a MCSE and I also have the CompTIA A+ certification. I am currently studying for Network+. Can you please tell me how to properly use CompTIA's acronyms? I really can't seem to find the information as of now. For example, would I use them like this? Joseph M. Smith, MCSE, CompTIA A+ or is it just "A+"? Also, when I complete Network+, is it CCNT or just Network+?
The name of the exam is also the name of the credential, AFAIK: thus if you take and pass the A+ or Network+ exam, you'd call yourself A+ or Network+ certified. The CompTIA isn't really necessary, but if you feel it helps to clarify the credential's origin, there's no harm in mentioning it. And the credential about which you ask in particular is definitely Network+, not CCNT.
HTH, and thanks for writing.
This was last published in September 2003

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