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How do I obtain security clearance?

How do you obtain security clearance? I have been working in the IT field for five years and I am happy with at my job but I have always wanted to work for the federal government. I would have joined the military, but my wife wouldn't have been be too happy about that. Everyone reads about all of the good government IT jobs that go unfilled.

Every tech training school will tell you about all of the openings. I would even welcome the opportunity to work for a consulting company that works for the federal government, but of course they require security clearance. I am more than qualified for most of the government jobs on the major job sites, but the major requirement or the most important requirement is to have security clearance. My education does not seem to matter. (Undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics, graduate student in Information Technology Management, MCT, MCSE, MCDBA) How do you obtain this clearance and more importantly how do I get a federal government IT job?
Darryl, sounds like the classic, "Don't get in the water until you can swim" scenario. Many professions fall in this category. "We're looking for someone with prior experience." If this is really what you want, just keep trying and will hopefully find someone that is willing to go through the steps required to gain your security clearance. Otherwise you should be able to find a comparable job in the non-government sector as you have an excellent educational background.

While I don't have a security clearance I do know that you have to fill out a DD Form 1879 and Form 86. If anyone out there has an in-depth knowledge of the security clearance process, please send us the information and I will make sure it gets posted.

This was last published in October 2003

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