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How do I learn more about VoIP product management?

I work in IT/ Telecomm and have an engineering background. I know the basics, but how do I learn more about VoIP product management?
When it comes to product management of any kind, there's a kind of "sweet spot" that combines the areas of technology and marketing. On the technology side, I'd recommend looking into any of the many good books on VoIP available (I've reviewed several of the best such titles in recent VoIP tips on SearchNetworking.) I'd also urge you to visit to Amazon or your favorite online bookstore to get a sense of other VoIP titles that may be of interest to you (the USTA's telecom library also has some good titles as well).

On the marketing side, to some extent this will depend on where you'd like to work to fill that job -- and it's probably wise to look into typical backgrounds, which often combine technology and business degrees to ensure the right mix of nuts'n'bolts and marketing whizbang. For somebody who's already got an engineering degree (if not more than one -- you don't really say), this might mean looking into product marketing certificate programs, if not an MBA with a product marketing emphasis. On the other hand, if one or more of your target employers is inclined to let product managers learn on the job, you may be able to talk yourself into a position simply by demonstrating the right mix of attitude, enthusiasm and willingness to learn a new set of disciplines to complement what you learned in engineering.

This was last published in September 2004

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