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How do I get signals in both buildings using a Wireless-N broadband router and adapter?

When there are good signals coming from one building and none from another, our WLAN solutions expert, Stephen Kim, can tell you how to achieve a connection.

I have one Wireless-N broadband router (WRT300N from Linksys) and 12 Wireless-N PCI adapters (WMP300N from Linksys). I have two office locations and the distance between the offices is approximately 300 feet (opposite buildings). I installed a router and PCI cards in several computers in both buildings. I am getting good signals in all the machines in the first office where I have the router, but there is no signal in the second office where I have only the computers. Can you offer me any advice on a solution to get signals in opposite building.
Since I don't know of any Wi-Fi amplifier or signal booster for Pre-N AP, I think the easiest would be to install another AP in the second building. If there is no wiring in the other building, then use an AP that includes a bridging feature (most outdoor APs have such a feature). For example, install a wireless bridge in Building 1 (leaving the Linksys Pre-N AP alone in that building) and point it to Building 2 via 802.11a. Use 802.11a for backhaul and 802.11b/g for client access.
This was last published in January 2007

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