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How do I get a proper load-share on this router running no routing protocols?

Sudhanshu Gupta explains how to get a proper load-share on a router running no routing protocols that achieves a 90% reception and 80% transmission, in this Q&A.

I have a site with Cisco 2811 with two E1s. I have it set to load-share per-packet and IP CEF is enabled. One E1 predominately (90%) receives and the other (80%) transmits. The interfaces are identical in configuration and settings. I am running no routing protocols. How do I get a proper load-share on this router?
If you use a routing protocol like OSPF you can achieve proper load balancing. If you are using static routes, the load balancing you are achieving is quite ok.
Hope this helps.
This was last published in March 2007

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