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How do I get a job offer to start my networking career?

Even with MCSA certification it's hard to get a network administrator job with no experience. Learn how to get job offers to start a networking career in this expert response.

Dear Sir,

I am currently working as a secretary. I have more than five years of experience as a secretary. I am very much interested in networking and also managed to get a MCSA certification. Unfortunately, I am unable to find a job as an administrator. I am willing to sacrifice my pay, but I am not getting any offers. Will a CCNA certification help me find a job in the networking field?

Thank you.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Every additional credential helps somewhat, but the absence of any on-the-job experience can be difficult to overcome. You might also want to think about volunteering to assist on networking projects at local schools, charities, or religious institutions, and keep careful track of everything you learn and know how to do. You may also want to consider taking up temporary IT positions as a way of getting the proverbial foot in the door, and this would hopefully lead to more long-term employment. The important thing is to keep at it. If you persevere, you will eventually reach your goals.

Thanks for posting,

This was last published in October 2007

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