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How do I find the application on my network that's dropping packets?

Learn how to use Wireshark to trace dropped packets being sent from a PC on your network or an external application/service and secure SMTP ports, from our expert Michael Gregg.

Just had a fundamental doubt. In my network, the firewall is being sent packets to the SMTP port. I have blocked the port and am logging the dropped packets. I can see a certain PC which has been sending the packets. On network monitoring, we did not find the source port on the rouge PC. How do I find the application / service which is trying to send the packet to the firewall? Where should we run the packet filter tool?
When you capture these packets if you are using a tool such as Wireshark look at the look offset 0x23 and 0x24. This is the source port in a TCP header. In the middle frame of a packet capture it would look like this:

Middle frame of a packet capture
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In this example the source port is 2346. Source ports are typically chosen at random. If you have access to the system sending the traffic you can run a tool like fport or run netstat -an from the command line.

This was last published in September 2009

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