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How do I connect my printer to the network without Ethernet cables?

How do I connect my printer to the network without Ethernet cables?

I purchased an HP2420dn LJ printer with an internal Ethernet print server. I wish to connect it to my wireless network so all my PC's can share it (without plugging it into another PC). The problem is the printer is on the first floor and the wireless router (WRT54G) is located on the second floor. How can I make the connection without running Ethernet cables through walls?
If you have clear signal from the first floor to the second you should have no problem. However, in most buildings that connection would be "iffy" at best. Your only other option is to put a wireless access point on the first floor and make it part of the same network, but again, that will require an Ethernet cable. If your printer can connect to wireless and you have visibility to the access point you will be in good shape.
This was last published in March 2006

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