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How do I connect my VLANs to the Internet using NAT and the appropriately configured ACL?

Confused about using NAT and configuring ACL? Learn how to connect your VLANs to the Internet over a router with sub-interfaces already defined.

I have been using private addressing on my VLANS. Now I need to have them connect to the Internet over the router...

with sub-interfaces already defined. I know that I need NAT, and I know I need to configure the appropriate ACL, but I don't know how. I have tried several ACL combinations but to no success.

From your reply to some other question close to this, you said static route entries have to be provided with the Internet interface IP specified as outgoing address. But I already have all the interfaces as static (directly connected) routes. I'm confused.

Hi Ted,

For all your IPs which are inside your network you can use dynamic NAT, but if you have some servers that need to be accessed from outside, they need to carry a static NAT.

The statement you have mentioned talks about creating a static route pointing towards outside a network so that traffic can go outside. This statement is not related to NAT.

Hope this clarifies.

This was last published in May 2007

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