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How do I connect a new 16-port switch to an existing hub?

I have a 32-port {10 base-t} hub for my company network. Our network is expanding and I have to connect another hub. The same hub is not available in the market now. So I purchased a 16-port switch. Can you offer me advice in connecting it with my existing hub? Do I have to make an uplink?
When connecting two hubs or switches together you need to either use the 'uplink' port provided on one of the devices or in the case the uplink port doesn't exist, create a cross-over cable and plug it into one port of each device.

Whether the combination of the devices are hub-to-switch, switch-to-switch, or hub-to-hub, the same rule applies!

In most cases there is one port which can be switched from "uplink" to "normal," so you can still use that port no matter what your needs are.

To help clear any doubts, here are some simple diagrams which indicate clearly what type of cable is used between different configurations:

UE= Uplink Exists
--X--= crossover cable
-----= Normal straight through cable

Scenario 1: No Uplink available on either device




Scenario 2: Uplink available on one device only




Note: In the case both device have an uplink port, only one is used.

If you require more information on how hubs and switches connect and work, you can simply visit the following url: www.Firewall.cx and browse through the Networking/Connectivity section.

This was last published in August 2003

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