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How do I configure two leased lines in one router?

Our routing and switching expert explains how to configure two leased lines in one router, in this Ask the Expert answer.

How do I configure two Internet leased lines in one router? If one line is down, the second can provide the connectivity. I have a Cisco router 1760.

The easiest way is to configure one floating static route so that the link becomes active in case the first link...


Ip route ISP_A
Ip route 0.0.0. ISP_B 50

Traffic will go to the ISP B only when the ISP A link is down. The drawback in this case is that you would be using only one link.

Another way is to have routing protocol and BGP so that you can utilize both the links almost 50% for the traffic going out of your network.

This was last published in April 2008

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