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How do I configure my wireless router to make it more secure?

How do I configure my wireless router to make it more secure? I tried to use the IP address to get into the router but that was unsuccessful. Please help.
Each router has a default IP address that it uses for its wired (or primary) interface. The best way to tell the router's IP address is to check the default gateway that is given to your machine via DHCP. If you're using a Microsoft Windows operating system then follow the following steps

  1. Open a command prompt (usually Start -> Run -> "cmd.exe" or Start -> Run -> "command.com"

  2. Once the command prompt appears run "ipconfig". This command will show you your IP address, subnet mask and default gateway. The default gateway is almost certainly the IP of the wireless router.

Once you have this you should be able to open a Web browser and go to the URL http://<default_gateway> (eg. This process should bring up the web interface for the device. In the case that you are presented with an authentication prompt, check your manual for the default password.

This should now allow you to configure your router and make any required (security) modifications.

This was last published in July 2003

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