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How do I change the addressing on my network?

In a new position, I have inherited a NT4 domain in which internal servers have static 192.68.1.x addresses and internal clients are being assigned via DHCP 192.68.1.x addresses. DNS is being resolved with servers at the ISP.

The previous network admin obviously made an error and it would be ideal to change this setup completely (i.e., 192.168.1.x). Keeping in mind there are Exchange and SQL servers in the network, I would appreciate any thoughts you may have as to the best way to complete this?

It is certainly a good idea to change the whole network addressing on your network since the 'small' error the previous administrator made was to use real IP Addresses on the Internet that are routable and nothing else but a source of possible problems.

To the best of my knowledge, changing your NT server's IP Address shouldn't create many problems. Of course, there is always a small detail missed, which usually results in small interruptions of your network, so just make sure you perform the change during a Friday afternoon so you know you have a few days in front of you just in case problems arise.

As far as Exchange and SQL are concerned, I'd suggest you visit support.microsoft.com and perform a search on similar scenarios. This will surely provide you with some very important and interesting information you most probably will need to be aware of.

If possible, also perform a disk backup (ghost) of the Exchange and SQL server, so if anything goes wrong, you're completely covered.

This was last published in August 2004

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