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How do I allow multiple wired devices to access a wireless network after connecting a switch behind

Learn how to allow multiple wired devices to access a wireless network in this Q&A with expert Lisa Phifer.

I am interested in connecting a switch behind a Linksys WET54G bridge to allow multiple wired devices to access a wireless network. However, I have been unable to find any information as to how to make this actually work. Can you point me to some reference material that can describe how to configure the WET54G and/or the upstream router (a WRT54GX2) to make this work?
According to the WET54G User Guide, you can use the WET54G as a client, connected to an upstream AP (see Figure 2-1). Alternatively, you could connect a pair of WET54Gs (see Figure 2-3). In both cases, a single Ethernet device can be connected to the LAN port of the WET54G. That device can be an individual host (PC, X-Box, etc.) or the uplink port of an Ethernet hub or switch. In your configuration, the WET54G should be configured to use Infrastructure Mode (see Chapter 5 of the User Guide) with the SSID of your WRT. WET MAC address cloning, described on page 25, should be disabled. A couple of example WET54G set-ups can be found here: CNET review, Linksys Community Forum. Some forum posts also suggest using static IPs instead of DHCP to avoid ARP problems.
This was last published in April 2007

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