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How close are Cisco practice exams to the actual test?

David Minutella explains here how close the CCNA practice tests are to the real thing and mentions a few to check out.

I'm getting ready to take my CCNA exam and I've been going over the practice exams at the Cisco site. I'm surprised with how well I'm doing on them and it's made me wonder if they really are a good indication of what will actually be on the exam when I go to take it. Basically, how close are those practice exams to the real thing?
The assessment questions on the Cisco site are a great way to test your general knowledge of certain Cisco technologies. With that being said, they are fairly straightforward in their approach to the technologies and are quite simple. The Cisco exams will ultimately test you on these same concepts, but what makes their exams so credible is the fact that they ask the questions in a manner that tests your ability to apply that knowledge as opposed to just regurgitating facts. This is especially true for the simulation questions and the new simlets which will ultimately validate if you have the Cisco experience to answer the questions.

I recommend augmenting your practice test library to include practice tests from other vendors such as Boson and...

Self Test. These practice tests include less straightforward questions as well as simulations which will help assess your readiness for the exam.

This was last published in September 2006

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