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How can we reduce interference?

We are having some EMI interference on one of our floors. We have a printer just 10 feet from the closet. The Cat 5E cable run is 75 feet. When we test on the Fluke DSP 4000 meter, it indicated that it sees noise... it flashes but doesn't record the noise/interference.

We've replaced the cable that runs through the floor track and ran a new one over head.

The printer still fails about once per day. I'm at the end of my rope and I need some professional help.

The best way to determine where the noise is would be to trace the channel. If it is only one device, the device itself may be the source of the noise. If there are several misbehaving devices than it will be somewhere along the channel that is common to all of them. Noise issues are a pain to figure out. I would also suggest that you check the switch in the channel. If they all have a common switch in common, then it may be the culprit. How are the terminations? Are they up to snuff? That is generally the best place to look, first and then go from there. Since you only mention one printer, I would suggest trying another printer in that location. If the other printer works, then you know the answer to your problem. One other thing since it is a printer, if it is running on an old jet direct print server you may need to force the port speeds at both ends to 10M half duplex. Your problem could also stem from a duplex mismatch.
This was last published in November 2005

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